We’ve been visiting Nosara for years, making it our second home 10 years ago. We thought you might enjoy the live surf cam and learning more about this unbelievably beautiful area of Costa Rica.


The New York Times travel writers have just discovered our corner of paradise – check out their link to “Where To Go in 2012” – #41!!

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Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is the gem of the Pacific coast. Where else can you find gorgeous light sand beaches, perfect waves, world class fishing, dozens of quality restaurants, and most conveniences available in the middle of the jungle? Nosara. As most beach communities in Costa Rica have grown over recent years, the trees and monkeys have had to give way to coastal development. Playa Guiones and Playa Pelada have broken that mold! Our beaches look the same today as they did ten years ago. Why? Because our beaches are protected by a National Wildlife Refuge and all building is prohibited within 200 meters of the water. So, you only need to cut through the jungle to get to the beach where you are most likely to see a troop of monkeys along the way. Other coastal communities have the beaches lined with hotels, condos and restaurants. Nosara still has bumpy dirt roads and a slower pace of life, yet still with conveniences of a local airport, bilingual international school, great restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, doctor/dentist offices, banks and much, much more. What makes the area so special is the like-minded international community who has bonded together to preserve this little corner of paradise. Residents are known for being the local guardians of nature and preservation. We know Nosara is special and want to keep it that way.

Even though there has been growth during recent years, it has not nearly spoiled the natural beauty or natural splendor of the area. Most streets are divided by park land and, like the beach, will be protected forever to keep the fauna nearby to enjoy. In Nosara, there is no road running the length of the beach creating a ‘strip’ of commercial businesses. Our businesses are scattered throughout the community.