Suplove Adventurer 11’2″ x 30 1/2″ x 4 7/8″Adventurer – one that seeks Adventure The Suplove Adventurer, one of our most popular boards and with good reason. Long and stable this boards is ready to take Everyone, Everywhere. • Hand shaped with full stringer and tri-plane design• 3 fin set up• Bamboo deck• Choice of rail color• Deck Traction• Easy carry hand-hold• 12 month manufacturers guarantee. The Adventurer is ready for a long ocean paddle or a quick spin down the canal. A perfect family board – many kids enjoy not only the view from the front but also being in control.A perfect beginner board for all novice riders, the Adventurer will cruise with up to 130kg (287lbs). Each Adventurer is hand crafted and unique. Featuring a tri-plane design and Suplove’s Compressed Cell Technology to ensure you the smoothest and lightest SUP board on the water. Your Adventurer has a beautiful bamboo deck which looks amazing and provides structural strength and will arrive in one of five rocking rail colours; midnight black, pure white, plum crazy purple, aqua blue and Suplove red. Each board is hand sprayed and finished with a hand painted pin stripe.

Suplove Escape 10’6″ x 29 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ Escape – to get away Don’t we all want to escape the pressure of our lives for a few hours. The Suplove Escape board is the perfect accomplice. A great board from our Lifestyle range the Escape will take you down your favourite river or along your favourite coastline. • Hand shaped with full stringer and tri-plane design • 3 fin set up • Bamboo deck • Choice of rail color • Deck Traction • Easy carry hand-hold • 12 month manufacturers guarantee A perfect beginner board for riders up to 100kg (220lbs) and a smooth operator for experienced riders up to 120kg (265lbs). The Escape is hand crafted and unique. Featuring a tri-plane design and Suplove’s Compressed Cell Technology to ensure you the smoothest and lightest SUP board on the water.

SUP Paddle

 As a general guide for sizing your surf paddle add 8 – 10 inches to your overall height to determine the paddle length. Our chart is based on 8 inches. However, depending on the type of paddling you intend to do, it may vary. The reason we give a range is because of the differences in technique, boards and water conditions. While our data is anecdotal, it is based on the trends we see with our customers and team riders.

The NSP SUP series has the perfect first board to enjoy the exciting sport of Stand-Up Paddling. Developed for cruising, cross-training, and small waves, it’s generous shapes accommodates all levels. Constructed with super-durable, NSP E2 epoxy, the NSP boards offer hours of trouble free fun and are available in 5 sizes.Choosing the right board for your first SUP experience is the difference between having a good time and a hard time.The 10’0″ NSP is designed for surf style SUP riding. The aggressive 10’0″ surprises even experienced surfers with it’s off the bottom drive and effortless acceleration. The 10’0″ cut’s back tight for it’s length and is sensitive to the riders input. The 10’0″ is equally at home as a flat-water paddler for lighter weights and children learning to paddle. Complete with tip to tail deck pad this board is exceptional value.The 10’2″ NSP combines stability and performance like no other board in our line. The extra width (32″), and stable template make it the board of choice for Yoga and teaching SUP. The low entry and relaxed rocker make it glide like no other all rounder on the lake. The single to double concave make it perform in the surf with good down the line speed, clean cutbacks and stable noseriding. If you are looking for one board that really can do it all do it all at a high level, this is the one. Suitable for any weight.

The 10’6″ is a bit more rounded out up front and fuller through the tail than the 10’0″ it was based on. It has more glide and is at home with just a single fin although it has a three fin option, like all NSP’s, with all fins included. While this board is often found gliding at your local lake, the 10’6″ is also excellent in the surf. The 10’6″ is still small enough to transport easily. It’s the all-rounder for SUP paddlers under 85kg/185 lbs who enjoy both flat water and surfing their SUPs.

The 11’0″ NSP SUP is the perfect versatile SUP for anyone up to 95kg/200lbs. This board does it all well. The 11’0″ is very stable, durable and light. For cross training SUP paddlers finding their way into the surf, this board is gaining a lot of popularity. The glide and stability that make it good for working out and exploring your local lake, also give it effortless wave catching ability for novice SUP surfers.

With the 11’6″ NSP SUP, whether you are training, fishing, surfing or looking for a board that can easily do it all well, the 11’6″ NSP is a very good choice. Big paddlers, first timers, schools and flat water adventure paddlers love this board. This 11’6″ is stable, glides well in flat water, noserides, surf’s well, and can double as the family tandem too. Good for riders over 95kg/200lbs.


Waters Edge Paddleboards for Sale

Waters Edge SUP logo

We are excited to be a Waters Edge SUP Board dealer! These are awesome paddleboards.  Now it’s time to own one of your own! If you are interested in purchasing a particular paddleboard not shown below, please contact us.  We receive new boards often, or can special order one for you!

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EZ RIDER SERIES   10’0″ / 10’6″ / 11’0″

Featuring a flatter, stretched out deck and full rails to provide more volume and more stability, the EZ Rider is our most popular model for flatwater recreation. It has a single to double concave on the bottom for easier paddling, yet still versatile enough for an experienced rider to take into smaller surf or rivers.  The one piece pad design and full deck area makes this a favorite board for Yoga enthusiasts. Built with a 1.5lb EPS core, the EZ Rider stays lightweight for ease of carrying and transportation.

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The EZ Rider is the most stable board in the EdgeWater line.  It features a flatter, stretched out deck and puffed out rails to provide more volume and more stability.  It has a single to double concave on the bottom for easier paddling.  Weather in the surf, on the river or just paddling around, this board works harder than the rider.  No break in the pad, also makes this the perfect board for yoga!

  • Surf-Style Planing hull
  • EPS Foam Core/Resin Research Epoxy
  • 3-Layer 60z. Warp Fiberglass Top and Bottom
  • Speed Spray Finishing Coat
  • Excellent Stability for Any Age Group


  • 10’6″ Length
  • 31.75″ Width
  • 4.62″ Thickness
  • 27lbs Board Weight
  • 201.5 Volume


SUPER SPORT SERIES 10’0″ / 10’6″ / 11’0″

Combining the stability from the EZ Rider, the Super Sport model features a narrower outline with a high performance rail and tail shape. The added rocker in the nose and tail with the single to double concave bottom design makes it easy to ride in flatwater but allows the maneuverability, speed and comfort for more advanced SUP surfing. By going thinner on thickness throughout the board, having a pulled in narrower squash tail design paired with the 2+1 fin setup, the WE Sport is easy to turn while riding in the surf.

  • Single to Double Concave Bottom
  • EPS Foam Core/Resin Research Epoxy
  • 3-Layer Deck, 2 -Layer Bottom, Fiberglass Construction
  • speed Spray Finishing Coat
  • Excellent Stability for Any Age Group


  • 11′ length
  • 30″ Width
  • 4.5 Thickness
  • 26.5lbs Board Weight
  • 189.6 Volume

All WatersEdge SUPs are custom created, crafted and manufactured in Edgewater, Florida.These are hand-crafted boards made in America. That means you can be assured of a high quality, durable product you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Whether you’re flat water crusin’, looking for a performance shape for surf paddling, or building your speed and getting a workout, there’s a WatersEdge Board for you. Among the most durable in the industry, WatersEdge SUPs use a proprietary epoxy coating that virtually eliminates dings and dents, while creating less water fiction, making these boards faster and easier to guide. Plus, every WatersEdge board is remarkably lightweight, adding to ease of transport and maneuverability.


The Key West Model:

The Key West Model is an extension of our EZ Rider and designed with a bit more performance in mind for the crossover from lake to ocean paddling. Featuring a slightly narrower outline, softer rails, and a diamond tail, the Key West is great for those relaxing lazy days on the flatwater with great riding stability. When there is a little wave and you’re ready for some action, the Key West will maintain speed and trims off the tail very well in the surf.

  • Single Fin
  • ECO Blank Core
  • Fiberglass Construction
  • Speed Spray Finishing Coat


10’0″                   30.00″              4.50″                 166.1L

11’0″                   31.00″              4.50″                194.1L