Pepper Street Studio Large Room Diffuser

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The Pepper Street Studio Room Diffuser is an 11 ounce Room Diffuser, hand dipped and sealed with wax top. 10 diffuser reeds are included. All 10 reeds are recommended for a large space, reduce the number of reeds depending on the size of your space. Flip the reeds every two weeks, to refresh your space.

Lifetime: A. Long. Time.

*To open, find the pull tab on the back of lid, pull counter-clockwise to cut the wax. After taking off the lid, use a heat gun or hair dryer around the top for a finished look. 

Black Currant + Leather
Subtlety sweet black currant with an undertone of leather. A very popular scent, among men and women. 
Gardenia + Sandalwood
Soft gardenia with bottom notes of sandalwood, balancing the floral notes create a complimenting balance. 
Coconut + Sea Salt
With a nice rounded smell of coconut, the sea salt is a nice balance to bring this scent together, as a fresh beach scent. 
Handmade in Naples, Florida. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to the Rett Syndrome Research Trust.
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