Speaqua Barnacle Tripper Fish + Kalani Robb Pro Model

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Introducing, the world’s most dynamic portable speaker: The Barnacle PRO redefines the purpose and possibilities of experiencing music out loud. It is the first and only portable speaker able to function in water, independent of a smart device, with audible underwater play. 
Combining both full spectrum waterproofing capacity and 8GBs of downloadable music (2,000 songs), The PRO offers an uninterrupted and unstoppable music experience no matter where you are. You can now take your tunes on any aquatic adventure, while leaving your phone behind and saving its battery life. 
The Pro is virtually indestructible in & out of water while its 4-in-1 universal mounting system offers unprecedented outdoor functionality: clip it, stick it, hang it or mount it. The PRO is built to seamlessly accompany your discovery & supplement adventure from sea to summit.
GoPro® Mount included, tool-free universal mounting capabilities, 8GB of iTunes® .M4A compatible internal storage (2,000 songs), and True Wireless dual speaker pairing. Designed to empower a revolutionary music experience. No phone required. Never out of range.
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