Surfer Dudes Classics, Costa Rica Rick

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The Surfer Dudes Classics, Costa Rica Rick is ready for a day out on the water. This self-righting, wave powered surf toy will provide endless amounts of fun. All you have to do is toss them out in the water and watch them ride the waves back!

  • 2-D Surfer Dudes® Stabilizer Figure
  • Patented* Unitized Assembly
  • 2-D Surfer Pet™ Stabilizer Figure
  • Unsinkable Power-Foam Board
  • Gnarly Graphics
  • Patented* Wave Arc Nose
  • Patented* Hydro-Surf Boomerang® Technology
  • Patented* Self-Righting Hydrodynamic Manta Wing
  • Patented* Pro-Vortex Wing Vanes
  • Interchangeable Parts Technology 
  • Patented* Dual Chrome-Tech Internal Ballast “Equalizer” System
  • Patented* Skeg
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